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Continued rise in number of COVID-19 cases in Cork despite freezes elsewhere

The number of cases of COVID-19 reported from Cork is continuing to rise despite freezes elsewhere.

Latest figures from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) show that as of midnight on Monday, 1,451 cases of COVID-19 had been reported from Cork since the start of the outbreak, an increase of 11 cases on the previous day.

Cork was one of just ten counties which reported an increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 on Monday.

Dublin reported 67 additional cases and Kildare reported 13 additional cases, with Cavan, Galway, Kilkenny, Laois, Limerick, Westmeath and Wexford reporting single digit increases.

It comes as latest data shows that 24,803 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Ireland since the beginning of the outbreak and 1,631 people with COVID-19 have died.

Of 1,518 COVID-19 related deaths reported up to May 15th, 109 of these were in Munster.

The National Public Health Emergency Team has confirmed that almost 90 per cent of people diagnosed with COVID-19 have now recovered.

Last night, 16 people with either confirmed or suspected COVID-19 were being cared for at hospitals in Cork.

The number of people with COVID-19 being treated at critical care units in the city has increased from four on Tuesday to six, with three people admitted at the critical care unit at Cork University Hospital, two people being treated at the Mercy Hospital and one person being cared for at the critical care unit at the Bon Secours hospital.

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