Date: Tuesday 17th May 2022

Week: 20

Sheet Orange

Today's numbers:

32 46 57 38 61 75 24 67 8 21

Radio Bingo Claim Line

087 1035 797

To make a prize claim, please telephone the Radio Bingo claim line on 087 1035 797 before 10pm on the day on which the numbers are announced leaving your name and contact details. Claims after 10pm will not be accepted.

Tune into CRY104FM on Monday to Friday at 11am, 3pm and 5pm to play. There are fantastic cash prizes up for grabs with a minimum Daily Prize of €150 and a minimum weekly Jackpot of €1000.
Every Thursday is our Jackpot Draw.



Books only €5 and are available at the following outlets.

Crowleys Garage, Greencloyne.
McCarthys Newsagents, Tallow St.
Applegreen, Cork Hill.
Brookes Supervalu, North Main St.
Kieran Coady Butchers, North Main St.
Post Office, North Main St.
Crees Card Shop, North Main St.
Twomey Butchers, North Main St.
Read and Write, North Main St
Spar, Front Strand.


Quinns Foodstore, Ardmore

Grange Post Office

TJ’s Country Kitchen and Store, Kinsalebeg.
Applegreen, Kinsalebeg.


  • Each Radio Bingo Book has 5 play areas – one for each day, Monday to Friday. Each day / play area is colour coded. The radio station will announce the colour of the play area, valid for that day’s game on each day that the Radio Bingo game is being played.
  • Each play area has three panels with 15 numbers on each panel. Below the panel you will find 45 start-up numbers. You should mark these off against the numbers which you have been given on the three panels on the coloured page for that day.
  • In addition to the 45 numbers, the Radio Station will draw an additional 10 numbers daily. If you fill a panel from the 10 numbers called out on-air, then you are a winner of the daily prize.
  • On Jackpot Day, the jackpot number, will be drawn and will be called out on-air prior to the calling out of the 10 daily numbers. The Jackpot number is then put back into the draw for possible re-selection. If it is called out as one of the 10 daily numbers and you fill a panel with the Jackpot number on that panel then you are a winner of the weekly Jackpot. If the Jackpot is not won, the Jackpot increases and rolls over to the next week. Please listen to the radio station for precise details.
  • All participants are subject to the terms and conditions printed in this Radio Bingo book and to the rules of the Radio Bingo game.


  • The CRY104fm Bingo Books are identified by the week number in which CRY104fm Bingo is played. The week numbers run from week 1 to week 52. The relevant week number will be called out on-air by CRY104fm. The onus is on the player to ensure that they have purchased the correct CRY104fm Bingo book containing the week number which has been announced on CRY104fm. The promoter or the radio station has no responsibility to anyone purchasing an incorrect CRY104fm Bingo book or to anyone who has been sold an incorrect CRY104fm Bingo book.
  • The daily prize on all days except Thursdays is €150. In the event of there being more than one claim on any day , the daily prize will be divided equally amongst all claimants. 
  • The weekly jackpot prize in the CRY104fm Radio Bingo Game starts at €1,000 and will increase by a minimum of €150 per week for as many weeks as the promoter decides.
  • To make a prize claim please contact the CRY104fm Radio Bingo Claim Line on 087 103 5797, any time up to 10pm on the day on which the numbers were called and leave your name and contact details. Claims after 10pm on the day of the draw will not be accepted. Winning claims are paid by cheque or bank transfer.
  • All winners are required to drop in or send books via registered post to CRY104fm Radio Bingo, Nagle House, South Abbey, Youghal, Co. Cork. All claim books must be complete and fully intact, otherwise the claim will not be valid.
  • In accordance with the rules, all prize claims must satisfy the promoters authentication and validation tests. CRY104fm Bingo books which are found to be defaced or in any way interfered with, are void.
  • Neither CRY104fm or Youghal GAA fulltime direct employees are eligible to participate in CRY104fm Bingo.
  • The promoter reserves the right to use winners name for publicity purposes.
  • Players must be 18 years or over and are bound by these terms and conditions of CRY104fm Bingo.

CRY104fm Bingo is played in partnership with Youghal GAA. Permit 005/ 2021 granted 10th June 2021
by Garda Superintendent Midleton to Youghal GAA Club for a Daily Radio lottery.