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’Sibling Rivalry’ (Episode 15) ’Kid A’

Returning to the “Radiohead Journey” for the forth installment which happens to be one of the biggest left-turns in music history – the challenging, self-indulgent, disconnected, warped electronical vision that is “Kid A.” Released in the year 2000, “Kid A” was met with mixed reviews with a substantial amount of critics claiming it to be pretentious and deliberately obscure. But as 23 years have past since its release the retrospective reviews have also taken a neck-breaking left-turn and now “Kid A” is regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time, with Rolling Stone claiming it to be the greatest album this side of the millenium. Gavin and Stephen press play and begin to climb through the icy, jagged-edged landscape found on Radiohead’s sonic masterpiece.