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In Our Faith

A brand new hour long documentary on faith and young people will air on CRY104fm on Wednesday January 31st at 6.30pm. In Our Faith which is produced and presented by Ruth Hayes will shine a spotlight on four young people from different faith backgrounds from the east Cork and west Waterford area. In the documentary we hear how each of them came to their faith and what it means to them.  With a growing number of youth today moving away from the faith that they were brought up in, Ruth explores what compels them to adhere to and embrace their faith in an almost counter cultural way. We hear about the joys and the challenges that being a young person in 2018 Ireland living their faith can bring.

Interviews include a Pentecostal  teenager; a young Catholic priest; a young Baptist minister and a twenty two year old young woman who gave a year of her life to working with NET ministries in Australia. In Our Faith promises to show you a refreshing perspective on faith and young people, challenging the narrative that the under 35’s in ireland today have little or no interest in faith and God. In Our Faith has been funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the sound and vision scheme.