New Downloads – Bytesize

Episodes 4 to 7 of our technical documentary series Bytesize are now available to download from our podcast page at You can also download the accompanying PDF files from
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Bytesize – C is for Cloud

The latest episode in our technology series, Bytesize, airs this evening at 6.30pm. This week's programme focuses on Cloud Computing. Each programme comes with its own handout and you can download the accompanying handout from our website at or collect a copy from CRY Reception.  

ByteSize – A brand new programme on CRY104fm

ByteSize -  A brand new programme on CRY104fm For those of us over a certain age navigating the world of digital media can be tricky. They call us ‘digital non-natives’ and like any new arrivals in a foreign land we’re never entirely sure what words mean. The language is new but so too is the culture. You may find yourself using key terms – broadband, download, interactive gaming, social media,