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Ladysbridge Hopes to Revive Cottage Market

From The East Cork Journal.

Resident business owners and local produce enthusiasts are hoping to re-start The Cottage Market in Ladysbridge. They plan to take inspiration from other markets and put them to good use for local, homemade, home-grown, handcrafted products in the Ladysbridge area.  The Cottage Market concept promotes local and start-up enterprises and helps a community to recognise the demand and popularity of local produce, be they food or crafts. The supply of fresh, seasonal ingredients has been the core of markets across the country, with reliable, sustainable producers the backbone. Local markets are a centuries old tradition that have come full circle as a more discerning public become aware of the benefits, not only of the importance of knowing where their ingredients come from but the necessity of supporting local producers.

Other benefits include the social and community aspects which facilitate outlets for people with common interests to get together, make new friends and keep their finger on the pulse of local news and needs. Speaking with the original founder, Karen O’Donoghue, she said, “It is wonderful to see renewed interest in the Cottage Market idea and to note how enthusiastic people are to see its return. Within a few hours of the Facebook post asking for thoughts, 5 new local producers were in touch to register their interest in a monthly market. There’s really been such a positive reaction, and with the eclectic array of local artisans of both food and crafts in the area, the return of the Cottage Market initiative would truly be of great value to the community.”

If you have a product that you feel deserves a stall in the market, please contact The Cottage Market Ladysbridge Facebook page and register your interest. Similarly, if you would love to see it make a comeback and would support the stall holders, let them know. There are many ways to get involved in this wonderful community minded resource so contact organisers on the page and let them know you are willing to contribute.