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An IRONMAN Run is 42.2K long- a marathon distance for sure but where a marathoner would be starting their day with full energy stores and fresh legs these triathletes have been racing through cold seas and hilly bike routes all day and are probably already battling a niggle or an ache before they get going on their final challenge.

Those having a good day will be aiming high and pushing hard while for others it’ll be a tough slog to the finish line, for many at times the pain too much or energy levels so low that a walk is all they can manage…..true grit and determination is what will get them home but not without your help of course – The Spectator!

Know your athlete and shout them loud but in true sporting spirit every single IRONMAN triathlete gets the same support and encouragement as the next, the first and the last.

Shout them, Cheer them, Get some loud music and a BBQ going at every corner for them – the sky’s the limit and we want to give them a race to remember when they run their 4 laps of our historic town on the evening of June 23rd next.

Having completed the gruelling bike leg of their IRONMAN your athletes will re-rack their bikes in transition at Claycastle and hit the tent to change into run mode. They’ll eat, take a drink, slap on some sunscreen, pull on their runners and out they go, heading towards town along the Eco Boardwalk.

From there it’s along the Front Strand Promenade and onto the road by Strand Palace to climg for Moll Goggin’s Corner. At this point we’ll push them to the middle of the road on which they’ll drop down Lighthouse Hill, pass the Finish Line and continue towards Strand Street.

Next Market Square, Catherine Street, Breton Road and Greencloyne to a point at Foxhole where they’ll collect a coloured wristband (different colour every lap) and turn back towards Breton Road.

Running into Dominic Collins Place they’ll turn up towards Watson’s Corner and left to go down North Main Street. (Until 5pm the bikes returning and heading for Windmill Hill will also be travelling on this stretch for DeValera Street)

Under Clock Gate (now there’s a photo!!!) and down South Main Street, Friar Street, they’ll meet the inbounds at the Grotto as they head back towards the strand keeping to the right-hand-side of Lighthouse Hill.

At Moll Goggin’s they’ll again drop down onto the strand but this time they continue on the tarmac past the old train station, the Georgian houses on Front Strand and over the hill at the Pitch and Putt to drop down past Aura, in the gate of Claycastle and it all begins again.

They’ll visit Claycastle a total of 4 times before they have collected all their wristbands at Foxhole and as they pass the Lighthouse on the fifth occasion they’ll be granted access to the iconic Finish Line…that deserves a whole post all of it’s own!