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Cork International Choral Festival – Choeur Azimuts [France]

St Mary’s Collegiate Church Youghal      Friday 3rd May at 6 pm      Admission is FREE

Choeur Azimuts is a young adult choir based in Lille in the North of France.

Created in 2013 by Madeleine Saur, its current director, the choir bring together about 30 choristers around a contemporary capella repertoire.

Through modern-day composers such as Veljo Tormis, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, or Tarik O’regan, Azimuts’s repertoire is mostly based on contemporary music and revisited traditional music. The choir performs 2-3 times a year in the north of France and Belgium.

Azimuts achieved its first program, Sous la surface, in 2017. More than a succession of songs, Sous la Surface was offering a new experience to the public. Through a careful selection of music pieces and space use, the public was immersed into a story of boats, storms shipwrecks and sirens of Northern seas.

The same year, Azimuts was part of a mass composition for choir and small instrumental ensemble (bass flute and clarinet, harp, guitar and harpsichord) composed by Clément Pic, composer and guitarist from Lille.

Sous la Surface was then recorded in 2018 in Belgium by Anaïs Georgel, sound engineer graduated from the CNSMD of Paris.

Azimuts is now focusing on its new program “Old irish stories”, dedicated to contemporary Irish composers (Tarik O’Regan, Michael Mc Glynn, or Sean Doherty). In this program, Azimuts will present some Irish tales figuring green landscapes, lost loves, legends and dragons.