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Jon Kenny – Crowman

The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal     Saturday 6th April 2019 at 8 pm      Tickets €20.00

Tickets are available online at www.themallartscentre.com or telephone 087 9593276 or at the door on the day of the performance.

Jon Kenny is touring with his play Crowman, the play received standing ovations every night during a run in Cork Midsummer Festival at the Granary. In Crowman Jon plays numerous characters but the primary one is Dan.  Dan is a man with a mission; to scatter, maim or kill every crow that has blighted his land and his life.  However he gets distracted easily by flights of the imagination and memories of events from his past and a weekly schedule of funerals and masses he must attend, imagined conversations with his beloved sheepdog, and a stream of racing commentators, TV chefs and David Attenborough – all so that he can hear a voice that is not his own.

The people he depicts are surreal and humorous but tinged with tragedy and Jon plays each with his amazing ability of character acting and hilarious humor.