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“People take their Lives in their Hands” when Crossing this Youghal Road

From The East Cork Journal.

Traffic calming measures have been called for to curb speeding motorists on a busy section of road that runs through Youghal.  Cllr Mary Linehan Foley told the February sitting of the East Cork Municipal District that increased road safety measures are urgently needed on the Lighthouse Hill.

She said cars approaching the harbour town from the Cork side are coming around the corner and taking off, making it difficult for bathers en route to front strand to cross safely.  The Deputy Mayor of Cork County said “they [the motorists] are just taking flight.  It’s like a free for all and people are taking their life in their hands.”

Thousands of vehicles pass through the busy R634 regional road every day where there is no cross walk or light.  Cllr Linehan Foley said Gardaí have promised to monitor the area, but said she would like some traffic calming lights installed on a permanent basis.

The Council’s Senior Engineer, Dave Clarke said it was unlikely that lights would be installed, as he felt it was not an area with heavy footfall, but would have a review of road markings carried out. He said “a 2013 Walking and Cycling Strategy for Youghal proposed an uphill cycle lane on Lighthouse hill, the narrowing of the carriageway and formalising car parking on the Western side.”  Mr Clarke said there is no funding available at presents to implement the recommendations.  “One would like to think that advancement of the cycleway would be a priority when the Greenway was implemented to attract cyclists into town, for accommodation and other necessities” he said.