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New Switcher Account Launched at Youghal Credit Union

From The East Cork Journal.

Youghal Credit Union launched their new Switcher Loan on Friday, 8 February. Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Business Developer Officer Colm Geary said, “This new service is all about the customer. It basically is a debt consolidation loan account. By moving your debts to one Switcher loan account here, where your debts from other institutions or multiple credit cards for example, can be combined and then repaid once a month at a better rate.  We advise people to come in and talk to one of our loan officers. Bring all your information such as payslips, bank statements or credit card statements and, together with the Credit Union, by being upfront and sorting through your needs, we can come up with a consolidated repayment solution that may fit well with your financial situation”.

The Credit Union advises that by facing the situation and consolidating multi loan or credit card debts early, and at a very competitive Switcher loan rate, many of the fine print charges and high interest build ups attached to these debts can be avoided. It’s a big step to face up to and tackle your debt, but with the aid of the Credit Union it can be the most rewarding change you will make all year. “The new Switcher account may also be very helpful for those coming to the end of their PCP car finance who may want to buy it out,” said Colm, “Also if you pay off your loan early, unlike at other financial institutions, here at the Credit Union, there is no penalty. Our aim is to make your debt more manageable. Hidden, insidious costs in the fine print of various credit cards and loans can quickly mount up, costs which can be avoidable. “

Call to your Credit Union today or ring 024 92325 and talk to a loan officer about the new Switcher account. It could make all the difference to your household budget.