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New Book Identifies Funding Available for Struggling Festivals and Community Events

From The East Cork Journal.

In an era where Festivals and community events are teetering on the edge of extinction due to high insurance costs, Cork County Council has launched a booklet identifying all funding streams available.   The new booklet includes every funding source existing to help support and promote events, attract more tourists and grow the visitor economy.

The new brochure is free to download from the Cork County Council website www.corkcoco.ie

The publication highlights not only existing grants from Fáilte Ireland to Local Development Agencies and the Arts Council of Ireland, but also points out current policy regarding licensing and permissions.

At the launch of the book last week, Cork County Council Chief Executive, Tim Lucey, said local Festivals and community events are an important part of the County’s tourism strategy.

“Festivals are an ideal platform to showcase the unique culture and heritage of Cork County which stimulate growth of visitors to our towns and villages. A well-marketed Festival can generate a significant economic return via bed nights generated, and increased spending in local communities.”

Mayor of Cork County, Cllr Patrick Gerrard Murphy, said the Festival sector is very strong in the County extending right beyond what we might imagine to be the Festival season during the summer.

He said it is “of vital importance that we continue to promote and support Festivals countywide.”

Last year Cork County Council invested €500,000 in Festivals and events supporting economic life as well as cultural life.