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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Grant Aid Available To Community Groups

From The East Cork Journal.

Cork County Council is preparing to allocate hundreds of thousands of Euro in grant aid to community and sports organisations across the county.

In partnership with the county’s eight municipalities the local Authority are looking to invest in the community.

Applications are open until 4:00pm on Friday 15 February. The public can make their submission through the Yourcouncil.ie web page under the follow headings:

  1. Capital Grant Scheme, for projects in excess of €20,000. Contributions under this heading will be available as grant aid to community groups and local organisations wishing to undertake development projects in their area. Such as sports clubs and other large community projects. The contribution will be subject to matching funds and municipal council approval.
  2. Amenity Grant Scheme, this type of grant is intended to cover expenditure for local community & tenant groups for the upkeep and maintenance of estates.
  3. ‘Community Contract’. valued up to €10,000 and are intended to assist community organisations like Tidy Towns, and other community groups for specific planned works.

To apply follow the below link.