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IRONMAN Ireland, Cork – Local Information

IRONMAN Ireland, Cork will be here for the next 3 years and will bring 2500 athletes, along with their families, spectators and friends, to East Cork on the week of 23rd June next year and the same week in subsequent years, with up to 3000 athletes possible at later dates. If successful IRONMAN will seek to extend their contract with Cork County Council for a further 5 years which means direct economic benefits estimated at around €10M to the region in race week alone annually.

We plan to engage fully with the people, the clubs and businesses of the region, sharing news and information about the event with you all through the various media and online channels so keep coming back for the facts as the weeks count down to the GO.

Over the coming weeks and months John Innes, Chairman of the Local Organising Committee, will be leading the multi-pronged approach that covers all bases from the main event itself to the fringe entertainment, catering, accommodation and everything else that goes with bringing such a large scale event to the area. Teams will have to be put in place to cover these areas, reporting to the steering groups that include Cork County Council, IRONMAN and the local organisers.

This week we’ll address 3 pressing issues:
Coming already:
Having spoken to businesses in the area, some have confirmed, while others have been taken by surprise to learn, that our athletes are already coming on a daily basis to test out the bike route. Entries are over two thirds sold out at this stage with a huge demographic coming from the US and while these haven’t appeared as yet, last week we are aware of at least 80 athletes who came to test the swim, bike and run routes. One family, a couple from the UK, stayed for the week and posted a video of themselves cycling from Moll Goggin’s Corner to the top of Windmill Hill on Facebook for other athletes to see the hill before they in turn come to visit. Many others came as individuals or club groups from up the country. It’s Here and it’s really happening!

Business Proud Supporter Scheme:
Through this FREE scheme local businesses can get involved with IRONMAN right away. Simply check your email for the link to sign up, fill in your business details, submit it and we’ll do the rest. We ask that you offer some service or discount to our athletes – nothing draws an IRONMAN athlete into a business faster than the famous logo on a door or window.
A free coffee, a discounted healthy meal deal, the offer to charge a phone, anything that’s relevant to your business and can be reasonably provided.

In return you’ll get your Proud Supporter officially branded stickers, your business will be listed on athlete and spectator guidebooks and websites, you’ll get artwork and permission to print your own material and advertising with the IRONMAN approved logos and you’ll see the results within a week.

Finding beds and homes for 10,000 visitors was always going to be a problem for local Hotels and B&Bs but since the first pitch at this opportunity we always said that an AirBnB model would be the best way to get our athletes to come to the region and stay locally while preparing for, and taking part in, IRONMAN Ireland.
AirBnB is a costly way of doing it because there’s a huge commission charged and you don’t set the prices, they do. With this in mind we’ve set up East Cork’s own FREE version of the service where you can list your rooms or houses for athletes and their families.
If you have a house or rooms that are of a reasonable standard and would like to offer them to our guests then get over to Youghal.ie and click the IRONMAN tab to get your property listed and paired up with our athletes. What you charge is between you and your guests but there are guidelines.

More Info:
Over the coming weeks and months we’ll keep you fully informed through all media outlets. All the above and more can be found on www.itricoaching.com – just click the dropdown menu to the right of the video to go to the official IRONMAN event site to register your race entry, view race routes, sign-up to the businesses scheme, register your accommodation and join the IM Local Info closed Facebook group where we’ll keep you informed up to the minute.