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Cork County Council Invest In Youghal and Midleton Town Centres

The €120,000 Discretional Grant is designed to enhance the economic development of both Midleton and Youghal town centres.

For the first time since its development in 2015 the pot is being split almost equally across the Municipality.

The lions share has gone to Youghal for the past 3 years to update Youghal town centre and boost its tourism offering.

This year, however, the distribution of the town Development Fund will see 45% go to Youghal and 55% to Midleton.

The package, aimed at breathing new life into both towns, will run in collaboration with the Youghal Socio Economic Development Group.

The Councillors agreed to allocate €66,000 for Midleton and the remaining €54,000 to Youghal.

The fund will be spent on 8 projects across the district.

€14,000 is being provided to each town to assist businesses in maintaining their façade, in the form of a painting and signage programme.

€35,000 will be spent on expanding the Youghal Clock Gate tourist project, and further enhancements to the site’s online presence.

€3,000 will be provided to Yew Wood venues to promote Youghal’s vibrant arts scene.

Youghal’s Queen of The Sea Festival and Midleton’s FEAST, formally the Midleton Food and Drink Festival, will each receive €2,000.

The final €50,000 will be spent on a landscaping plan for Towns Park Midleton, incorporating the Baby Walk.

Last November the Municipal District revealed a series of concept images for Towns Park which would see the green haven of over 14 acres create a visual connection with the Distillery, the implementation of a Woodland Management Plan and better access to the Dungourney River.

The ambitious plans include Lawn terraces with low maintenance wildflower meadows and seating areas, along with the creation of a new Bridge to facilitate looped walks between existing woodland and parkland.

Separately, €150,000 will be invested in Youghal Town centre under the Historic Town Initiative from the Heritage Council.