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Time for Tilara

Time For Tilara’s Treatment Trust

Tilara is a beautiful intelligent, mischievous 5 year old little girl who lives in Midleton Cork.

At the age of 12 months we received the devastating diagnosis of  Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy.
This condition of Tilara’s restricts her movement for activities such as walking, sitting, crawling, rolling and in general all activities most other 5 year old little girls and their parents take for granted.
Tilara’s greatest challenge is that she experiences ongoing chronic pain which she suffers each and every day. These painful spasms continue into every night which affects her ability to sleep.

Tilara has been accepted by Dr. T.S. Park to undergo a life changing opportunity to have SDR surgery in the USA.
SDR is a complex spinal surgical procedure that involves cutting some of the nerve fibres that cause the Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy.

SDR is a very individual and expensive surgery and requires a lot of aftercare.

For Tilara the outcome we hope for is a ‘pain free life’.

The possibility of improved mobility, independently sitting or the ability to stand or walking for short durations with the aid of functional devices are all things that may be possible, but we don’t dare to dream of them, yet.
To undergo SDR we must commit to 2 years of a rehabilitation process which includes intensive physiotherapy hydrotherapy, hippo therapy and the need for specialised equipment to maximise the outcome.

We are realistic about the attainable goals which will be set for Tilara and her future. We have thought long and hard about SDR and realise that this is the only option for Tilara to live a pain free life.

We urge you to follow and support Tilara’s treatment and give her a much needed pain free existence and keep her beautiful smile always smiling…