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New Podcast – The Old Lady and Me

The Old Lady and me is a new one hour documentary about one man’s 16 year relationship with the world’s second most famous shipwreck The Lusitania.

Dungarvan man Eoin McGarry has dived the wreck more times than anyone in its history and in this fly on the wall documentary, we follow his relationship with the ship that McGarry and US owner Gregg Bemis affectionately call “The Old Lady”.

The story of The Lusitania is one of espionage ,intrigue and frustration and it’s a ship that carries to this day a deep dark secret which may never be answered ,which is what caused the second explosion on the ship which led to it sinking within 18 minutes with the loss of 1201 lives on the 7th of May 1915.

From his first dive on the ship to his emotional dive on Centenary day on the 7th of May 2015 when he placed a plaque on the ship along with a capsule containing a list of the names of  those who lost their lives, we follow McGarry’s often rollercoaster relationship with the ship that he describes as “Like a very elusive woman who literally reaches out to you and pulls you in to her intrigue, She has got magnificent stories to tell and she will only tell those stories to a select few .

I think that I am one of those few. She reveals something new to me every year

This programme is now available to download from our podcast page at https://cry104fm.com/cry-player/podcast/cry104fm-documentary-podcasts/