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New Official Websites under Construction for Youghal and Midleton

Work is well underway on the redesign of the existing www.youghal.ie website and the development of a new official site for Midleton.  The Youghal Socio-Economic Development Group (YSEDG) and the Cork based web development agency Studio Forty 9 were appointed by Cork County Council to execute both projects.

The Youghal site is expected to launch in January 2016 before work gets underway on the Midleton site.  Youghal firstly will get a major overhaul with a bold new look, providing enhanced user navigation.  A new ‘brand identity’ and logo for each town has also been commissioned which will be rolled out not only across the online platform but it is expected to be adopted by all key visitor orientation platforms throughout both towns in 2016.

Chairperson of the YSEDG, Cllr Mary Linehan Foley welcomed the development of both websites.  “We as members of the East Cork Municipal District all agreed that funding for new websites for both Youghal and Midleton should be provided.  These sites will be a key element in the resurgence of both towns.  The Youghal site has served us well, but we all recognise it is in need of an overhaul.  With the opening of the Clockgate in 2016 along with this initiative we are definitely moving in the right direction.  Midleton has obviously been lacking in an online presence to date but I am confident the YSEDG and Studio Forty9 will deliver a first class site for both towns. Said the Councillor.

It is expected the new sites will take a ‘user focused’ approach in their navigation.  Some of the features of both sites are a basic ‘self-selection’ of ‘personas’ which will help a visitor to identify themselves.  For example as a young family parent, they will be in a position to find all relevant information accordingly.

The sites will also be a key reference for the local community giving residents the ability to quickly navigate the site to find basic information, e.g. opening hours of a business.  Press releases, events listings and a monthly blog will also feature.  Essentially the sites will also function exceptionally well on a mobile devices on a low speed connection with high quality imagery, and in time the use of video.  Live feeds of all social media platforms will be linked to the sites including facebook, twitter and instagram.

Gathering information for the site is a painstaking job which the YSEDG are currently pursuing with each business throughout the town of Youghal.    As the existing Youghal site is currently the only online presence many businesses currently feature on, the new site will only serve to enhance this presence. The YSEDG are therefore requesting any business that has not reverted with their details they should do so immediately by email to: pat.ysedg@gmail.com or Tel: 024-81814.