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ByteSize – A brand new programme on CRY104fm

ByteSize –  A brand new programme on CRY104fm

For those of us over a certain age navigating the world of digital media can be tricky. They call us ‘digital non-natives’ and like any new arrivals in a foreign land we’re never entirely sure what words mean. The language is new but so too is the culture. You may find yourself using key terms – broadband, download, interactive gaming, social media, url – but do you really understand the concepts that lie behind these words?

Bytesize is a brand new programme on CRY104fm  which will look Key concepts in digital media which have become part of  our daily lives

The programme takes a  two-pronged approach to educating listeners about the key concepts in digital media. Through a weekly programme and downloadable PDF we’ll explore the A-Z of terminology and meaning. The PDF will contain a simple glossary of terms used in the programme as well as links to helpful resources. The listener can access the PDF before the programme is broadcast and can therefore prepare for the content or you can collect a handout from the CRY studios in advance and follow the programme at home.

Bytesize begins at 6.30pm on Thursday the 12th of November at 6.30pm and every Thursday for 26 weeks only on CRY104fm. .