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The Team Of Steel Challenge

The Team Of Steel Challenge runs in conjunction with the CRY104fm Radiothon this November!

On Saturday the 14th Nov between 2 and 6pm at Youghal GAA Club/Club Aras, teams of 5 will compete against each other in a series of fun and challenging activities in a bid to become the Team Of Steel! And it’s all in aid of St Vincent De Paul and Community Radio Youghal.

The Challenge

  • A Tractor Pull- Full team must pull the tractor from A to B
  • 5 lap relay – Each team member must complete 1 lap and pass a baton to the next teammate at the start line
  • Tyre Push up/Squat/Burpee medley – 30 x push ups/ 20 x squats / 10 x Burpees- all 5 team members together
  • Grab ’em & Stack ’em Tyres – Start with 5 Tyres at the opposite end of the pitch and each team member will run up to the tyres grab one and stack it behind the start line, then the rest of the team repeat 1 x 1
  • 1 Lap Team Tyre Flip- Any 1 member at any time can flip the tyre, when one gets tired another member takes over and this swap around can happen as often as you like until the tyre is back at the start/finish line
  • Run to nearest goalpost and sprint to finish line.

The Team with fastest time wins!

Sponsorship Cards are Available from the CRY104fm offices in Nagle House, South Abbey  in Youghal .