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Youghal’s Beaches

There is a lot of misrepresentation about the status of youghals beaches at present but to clarify once and for all – NONE OF YOUGHALS BEACHES ARE CLOSED. Redbarn has a blue flag.

Claycastle has acceptable bathing Water quality. Claycastle is considered poor as a result of a culmination of results over the past three years. However this rating is for past performance and not based on present circumstances.

Bathing Water quality testing carried out in the last 2 days on all our beaches shows that all our beaches have excellent bathing Water quality.

Testing will be regular and posted for every member of the public to see so that an informed decision can be made by everyone as to whether they swim or not. CURRENT STATUS – youghal ‘ s beaches are clean and open for business.

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Helen Mulcahy
Staff Officer
Cork County Council – East Cork Municipal District