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Media For Business Course

This course is designed for businesses in the SECAD area that would like to learn more about the media, especially radio, but including print, online and social media. It will explain how to develop a radio advertisement and afford each participant a “hands on” role in the production of a 30 second radio advert for their business, including one-to-one time in production studio.

Participants will also learn how to communicate effectively “on air”. All participants who complete the course will be offered a ‘live’ interview on C.R.Y.104fm. This course will help participants to build/improve relationships with local media outlets to improve their public profile and add to the value that they get from their media spend.

Participants will attend five two hour training sessions at the offices of CRY104fm in Youghal, which will be held in the afternoons or evenings. In addition, each participant will receive two hours of individual mentoring, including studio time.

A series of ‘tasks’ will be set for participants to deliver in their own time. The course aims to produce a radio advertisement for each participant’s business and to prepare participants for a ‘live’ radio interview, which CRY104fm will facilitate. Participants will also be given training in Social Media platforms and their effective use.

Training will be delivered by a team of experienced Media professionals and qualified trainers from the award winning CRY104fm team.

Course Content:

  • Preparing for a ‘live’ on air interview
  • Making your own Radio advertisement
  • Understanding Modern Media
  • Integrating a Media campaign across Radio, Press, Online and Social Media
  • How to get Your message picked up by Media
  • How to design an effective campaign for Your business
  • How to write a Press Release.

 Specific Outcomes:

Each participant who completes the course will receive:


  • 30 second radio advertisement for your business.
  • Live on air interview on CRY104fm
  • Awareness of how Social Media can help Your business
  • How to design a Media plan for Your business
  • How to write a press release
  • Copies of relevant recordings
  • Certificate of Completion.


Learner Outcomes:


  • Interview techniques
  • Using Radio Broadcasting for Business
  • Competence in Press Release writing
  • Understanding Regulatory Environment.
  • Harnessing the Power of Online & Social Media

Training will be delivered by qualified C.R.Y.104fm trainers and experienced broadcast & recording professionals from our award winning Programmes team.


Cost: €50.                 €30 for members of the Ring of Cork.

Contact 024-91199 or 92288 to reserve your place.