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Octopus Soup Theatre Company Presents This Night


Octopus Soup

Theatre Company


This Night

 A play for radio by Liam McCarthy

Designed and Edited by Nat Yonce

Christmas Night at 8pm

It’s Christmas Eve and Alicia can’t find her 6 year old son in the crowds in Limerick City Centre. Meanwhile Colm loves his workmate Lisa but doesn’t have the courage to do anything about it. Eileen lives in a tiny bedsit and can’t face another Christmas alone, Gerry the wino has been kicked out of yet another pub and Billy, the 6 year old, is about to step in front of a speeding van hurtling down O’Connell Street…


Melissa Nolan, Jenny Murray, Graham Tugwell, Sharon Sutton, Paul McCarthy, Sinead O’ Brien, Dave Rudden, Liam McCarthy, Therese Prendiville, Aron Hergarty and Stephen Gorman.

Octopus Soup Theatre Company is an independent theatre company made up of a collective of writers and directors. We have a particular emphasis on new writing. We’re based between Dublin, Madrid and Limerick.

Contact: octopustheatrecompany@gmail.com