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This Island Nation 17th November 6.30pm

The next fortnightly edition of THIS ISLAND NATION MARITIME RADIO PROGRAMME, November 17 recording at Community Radio Youghal will feature Ireland’s leading sailmaker, Des McWilliam, who talks about his first time sailing across the Atlantic, which he has “wanted to do” throughout his long sailing career, but has never done until now. He will talk about the ARC – the Atlantic Cruiser Rally – in which he will start sailing on Sunday, November 23, leaving Gran Canaria, bound for Saint Lucia – and about the disappointment that the huge successes of Irish international sailors, “the Ronaldos of the sailing world” as he describes them, are not recognised in Ireland because enough people “do not appreciate the sea.”  The leader of one of the country’s top fishing organisations will question who is funding the environmental groups opposed to the fishing industry and the programme will hear about the search for a private plane to rescue a loggerhead turtle from Galway, as well as about the disappointing salmon season and the nation water safety awards.