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Cork Film Centre Launches An Exciting Film Making Programme

‘Confidence Boost for Cork young filmmakers’ as Cork Film Centre launches an exciting and unique film making programme for young people in Cork.

Cork Young Filmmakers, a Cork County Youth Arts Training Programme managed by Cork Film Centre, is launching a new and exciting film-making training course ‘Towards Confident Film Making’. The 40 hour training is designed  for young people, ideally between the ages of 15 and 21, who are interested in film-making and want to develop their skills and confidence in the areas of writing, story-telling, directing and acting. It’s not just about making a great movie. It’s about learning the skills to make a great movie – and to really enjoy the process. The focus is on the process of film-making, not just the end result.

Participants will learn how to learn skills for themselves, how to identify and move past their own ‘blocks’ in writing and performance. It ‘s all about finding your own authentic voice and having the confidence to use it.

Cork Young Filmmakers is all about giving young people in Cork the opportunity to explore and to reach their creative potential through filmmaking. In this programme they look to develop a whole range of skills and encourage young people to develop self confidence, self-image and self-esteem.

“We want to support young people who are interested in film-making where story telling is focused on in a way that develops their confidence in themselves, their experiences and their own ability. In acting young people can develop real-life, believable characters, so that when they are acting they are acting truthfully and with confidence. We want to give opportunities to young film-makers to become more confident in creating and crafting their own stories”, explains Jane Lee, film director, who is the lead trainer. Jane works alongside her fellow professional, and award winning, filmmakers to focus on developing confidence in areas such as writing, directing and acting for film. Principal programme leaders will be Orla Burke, Shaun O Connor, Ciara Hyland and Max Le Cain.

Cork Young Filmmakers is managed by Cork Film Centre with funding and support from Cork County Council. A whole range of filmmaking workshops are open to young people, 12-21, and are provided this year throughout County Cork. In south and east County Cork they are co-funded by SECAD, South & East Cork Area Development.

” These workshops are now taking place in partnership with schools, youth projects and clubs and in a wide range of organisations working with young people throughout the County”  says Mary McGrath, Cork Young Filmmakers coordinator. “ Towards Confident Film Making 2014 is being offered to 12 young people and is possible only because of funding secured from the HSE and Cork ETB.

Cork Young Filmmakers takes over from the very successful First Cut! Youth Film Project which has provided film making opportunities to young people in South and East of the County since 2006. First Cut! will now focus on the ‘Pop-Up’ Youth Film Festival, which continues to grow in importance and popularity, giving a voice to talented young filmmakers from around Ireland, and further afield, showcasing their inspiring short films. Plans are already in place for the 2015 festival.

Whilst boosting creativity, confidence, team-working and social skills, the young filmmakers also produce their own short film.  Participants learn about all aspects of film-making in a fun and creative environment. Premiere screenings take place at ‘Gala’ Film evenings and at festival level.

Feedback from some previous participants:

‘ This workshop is fantastic for boosting self-confidence, you get to make a film and make new friends. As well you gain lots of new skills while building on existing ones, I loved it ’

“Taking part in these projects and being able to make short films with other young people has been really instrumental in helping me build my confidence and develop my passion for working in the film industry.”

‘I got my place to study film and tv production in the national film school… Just want to say thanks to you and everybody at first cut for all your help, i really dont think I’d be on the same path I’m on if i didnt have you guys!’

To apply for a position in this course, email us at corkyoungfilmmakers@gmail.com

The deadline for applications is Friday September 12th 5pm. If you are selected, there will be a nominal booking charge of €10. Applicants must make their own travel arrangements and bring a packed lunch each day.

The 2014 Towards Confident Film Making 40 hour programme will take place in Youghal. Part 1 will take place on Saturdays, Sept.27th to October 18th, and Part 2 will take place during mid-term break, Tuesday Oct 28th – Friday Oct. 1st, inclusive.

Application Criteria:

  • aged between 15 -21 years old.
  • will be living in the Cork area; we are particularly looking for applications from the Youghal/ East Cork area where we plan for Towards Confident Film Making to take place.
  • must be available to attend on all dates and  must be keen to explore and develop your skills through writing, acting and/or directing, preferably with some experience in film-making .

E mail now!  Briefly outlining: why you feel this course is for you; any experience you have; what aspects in particular you are interested in.

If you would like information on any of the training opportunities currently on offer from  Cork Young Filmmakers throughout County Cork please email or call us.

Press Release Contact Information: Mary Mc Grath, Coordinator,  0353868139019

Cork Young Filmmakers is a Cork County Youth Arts Training Programme managed by Cork Film Centre.