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Temporary Closing of Public Roads

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Cork County Council is considering under Section 75 of the Roads Act, 1993, the closing to public traffic of the following roads for the dates and for the times stated:-Youghal Main Drainage – Road Closures

Lower Cork Hill – 8am Monday 11th August to 6pm Tuesday 26th August 2014
(24 Hours Each Day)

Road to be Closed
The L-3810-0 Lower Cork Hill from its junction with the R634 North Main Street to approximately 70 metres above its junction with Raheen Road L-9518-0.

Road Number
L-3810-0 (Part).
Alternative routes:
Access to Upper Cork Hill via the L-3810-0 from R634 at Summerfield Cross; or via L-7894-0 from the N25; or via L-3822-0 Barrack Road and L-9512-0 Dermot Hurley Estate from the L-3823-0 Windmill Hill (open to 2 way traffic during period of proposed closure).

North Main Street – 8am Monday 18th August to 6pm Friday 22nd August 2014
(24 Hours Each Day)

Road to be Closed
The R634 North Main Street at its junction with the L-3810-0 Lower Cork Hill.

Road Number
R634 (Part).

Alternative route:
Approaching the town centre from Waterford on the R634, divert onto the R634-12 Breton Road relief road.  Local access to North Main Street via L3825-0 O’Neill Crowley St.  Approaching from the town centre, divert onto L3824-0 Dolphin Square and left onto the R634-12 Breton Road relief road.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that these proposed closures are to facilitate Works on Youghal Main Drainage.

Any person interested may lodge an objection in writing to the closing of these roads, with the undersigned not later than 31st July 2014 @ 5pm.

Director of Roads,
Cork County Council
The Courthouse
Co Cork
29th July 2014.