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This Island Nation Wednesday 4th June 7.30pm

This month’s edition of THIS ISLAND NATION will include an exclusive interview with the Head of the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority, the State regulatory body which has often been in controversy with the fishing industry. Susan Steele, Chair of the SFPA, will outline how she wants to see “a thriving fishing industry and thriving fishing communities,” but why “those who lose the run of themselves and engage in illegal fishing” will be dealt with by prosecutions.

The programme will hear from a former Coast Guard who will be Ireland’s only Town Crier at a world contest, about the arrival for the first time of one of the world’s rarest sea birds on the Irish coastline, the need to protect an Irish sea worm that is worth €4m. and talk to an artist who loves lighthouses. With the sound of music from Dublin’s dockside communities and many other items, this is an hour-long programme with the sound and feel of the sea.