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New Podcast – In The Auld Fella’s Time

CRY 104FM is delighted to announce that episodes 1 and 2 of our latest documentary series, In The Auld Fella’s Time, are now available for download from our podcast page at https://www.cry104fm.com/?page_id=3126

The 6 Part series see’s series producer and presenter Marita Kelly take a step back in time to look at the changing face of agriculture and rural life in Ireland. Featuring a large number of contributors including Nathan Carter, Sandy Kelly, members of Teagasc, The IFA, and Macra na Feirme along with farmers, accountants, Veterinary surgeon, and wildlife conservationists the series will take a contemporary look at Agriculture in the Ireland of today and will attempt to answer the question, Is the farming community in 2014 really better off than the farmers in The Auld Fella’s time ?

Episode One – Education and Funding
Episode Two – Key Events That Have Shaped The Way We Farm Today