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International Nurses Week

Nurse Jobs Ireland and Dublin are Celebrating Nurses during International Nurses Week. Are you?

Nurse Jobs Ireland will be on the streets of Dublin during International Nurses Week asking people why they are thankful for Nurses. The aim of this campaign is to get positive recognition for the Nursing profession in Ireland. We want to promote the Nursing profession to inspire under-graduates to choose Nursing as a profession in the future

Next week during International Nurses Week we will be Celebrating Nurses our everyday Heroes and we need your help. From May 6th -12th we will be running online competitions with Happy Threads via social Media where Nurse can win new Scrubs.

Last May during International Nurses Week, Nurse Jobs Ireland launched an online e-book with the aim of getting 365 Thank You’s for Nurses. We still need to get more comments to reach our goal of 365 comments for Nurses. Will you help?

You can Tweet your comments using #CelebrateNurses or sign our online e-book at www.nursejobsireland.com/celebratenurses/ to help us to reach our goal. You can also sign our book in Sheries Café Bar on Lower Abbey Street.

Make sure you help to Celebrate Nurses during May 6th to May 12th.