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Youghal Coast Guard Safety Notice

As the Easter weekend approaches Youghal Coast Guard unit would like to remind people who plan to go out on the water to make themselves aware of the need for safety on and near the waters

Boaters please

  • Wear lifejackets and make sure they are of the proper type for your chosen activity and that they fit properly and have been recently serviced.
  • Please make sure that boat engines have been serviced.
  • Check that all safety equipment is onboard and is in working order.
  • Have a checklist with all your safety equipment listed and tick them off before you leave shore.
  • Anybody towing boat trailers should check that your trailer lights are working and also check wheel bearings and tyres.
  • Don’t go on the water without getting a weather forecast.
  • In case of emergency ring 112 or 999 and ask for Coast Guard.

Shore Anglers, walkers:

For people engaged in onshore activities safety is also important.

Weather conditions:- For shore anglers particular care must be given not only to the weather forecast but also to the conditions that have prevailed for the days previous to going on to the shore angling, as large swells built up during windy weather, can persist for a number of days after a gale and have been the cause of numerous drowning over the last few years.

  • Wear proper footwear and use a walking pole if necessary when walking on slippery rocks or in murky water.
  • Be aware of the times of high water and ensure that your escape route will not be blocked.

Lastly we wish all outdoors enthusiasts a happy and active season ahead, whatever your sport or interest.

Tony Lawlor:  PRO Youghal Coast Guard Unit