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Youghal Ferry Boat Service reinstating?

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There is a renewed interest in reinstating the ferryboat service between the Ferry-slip and the Ferry-point in Co. Waterford – especially after today’s arrival of the The Celtic Corridor Group at the Youghal quayside where they were greeted by the Mayor of County Cork, Cllr. Mary Linehan Foley and local well-wishers. The group “floated the idea” to have a ferry service between Youghal and the ferry-point to connect The Celtic Corridor route for the tourist, cyclists and walking enthusiasts. The Mayor fully agreed with the idea and said, “It’s a no brainer”

From the archives this idea was also brought up as a motion at the July 2008 meeting of the then Youghal Town Council. The motion was proposed by Cllr. Liam Burke. It makes for interesting reading as to the history of the ferry boat service and the how the ferry service was abolished and the ferry boats sold off by the council.

– Motion proposed by Cllr. Liam Burke at the July 2008 meeting of the Youghal Town Council –

“That this Council in consultation with Waterford County Council and interested parties explores the possibility of reinstating a summer passenger ferryboat service between the Ferry Slip and the Ferrypoint.”

For many centuries a ferryboat service was maintained from the Ferry Slip at Youghal across the harbour to the Ferrypoint. The right to run the ferry was granted by Royal Charter to the Mayor and Corporation of Youghal. This right was inherited by Youghal Urban District Council which from the 1930`s used two motor ferry boats “Angeline”and “Rosaleen” to run the service. Not only were trips across the harbour made on an hourly basis daily 7 days a week but during the summer months one boat serviced the Ferrypoint while the other brought tourists either on river trips as far as Cappoquin or on bay trips around Capel Island depending on the weather and tides. Unfortunately at the end of the 1950`s the then members of Youghal Urban District Council in order to keep rate increases to a minimum abolished the ferry service and sold off the boats. It was regrettable that they did not at least retain the service for the summer months. If they had the vision to do so then perhaps the town of Youghal would have retained to the present day the great amenity of a summer ferryboat service.

There is now a revitalisation of marine leisure activity in the harbour with a welcome increased number of boats using the harbour in the summer months. There is planning permission and a foreshore licence in place for a marina at Allin`s Quay. There are charter boats for hire and sailing courses are organised from a temporary premises at Nealon`s Quay. Many people would welcome the provision of a ferry service between the Ferry Slip and the Ferry Point. It would be a wonderful amenity for locals and tourists alike. A private operator has indicated an interest in providing such a service if a landing facility could be provided at the Ferry Point similar to the pontoon which has been placed outside the Jetty near the Ferry Slip. It would be very worthwhile if Youghal Town Council could facilitate discussions between all interested parties with a view to reinstating such a valuable amenity.
– Cllr. Liam Burke
July 2008

Picture: The Youghal Urban District Council Ferry Boat approaching the Ferry Slip ( The Burke Collection