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Minister Ring confirms availability of funding for TidyTowns Groups

The Minister for Rural and Community Development, has confirmed that funding which was allocated to support the TidyTowns groups throughout the country this year will still be available to them, even though the 2020 SuperValu TidyTowns competition has had to be cancelled due to public health considerations.

The Minister allocated €1.4 million to TidyTowns groups in September 2019 to assist them in their preparations for the 2020 competition. Notwithstanding the cancellation of the competition this year, Minister Ring is allowing any unspent funds to be used by the TidyTowns groups.

This is a very welcome announcement and coincides with the Community Call, a major initiative that links local and national Government with the community and voluntary sectors. In conjunction with the Community Call, the Department recently announced a €40 million COVID-19 support package for community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises, as well as a €2.5 million fund for community groups involved in the Community Call response.