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Phase 1 Reopening Details

List of Businesses that can reopen on the the first phase next Monday the 18th. But please note people must still stay inside the 5k travel restriction as this is still in place and will have to refrain from non essential journeys.

As of Monday 18th Phase 1 will include

  • It has been confirmed that HARDWARE but not HOMEWARE shops can reopen under easing of restrictions from Monday.
  • Other businesses that can reopen include, garden centres, farmers markets, bicycle shops and garages, electrical and IT stores, as well as opticians.
  • Construction sectors and gardeners are also set to be able to return to work on Monday.
  • As part of Phase One, people are advised to continue to stay at home as much as possible but can travel up to 5km from their home to exercise.
  • Some outdoor spaces and tourism sites, along with golf clubs and tennis courts, can re-open as long as social distancing is in place.
  • Up to four people who do not live in the same household will be allowed to meet up outdoors, as long as they maintain a two-metre distance. Within 5km.