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Statement from Cllr. Mary Linehan Foley

I am delighted to report following representations I made this week that the decision has been taken to resume acceptance of household cardboard and plastic with immediate effect.

Civic Amenity Sites will starting immediately, accept the following household waste:
· Waste for disposal – double bagged up to a maximum of 3 standard (80l) black bags per customer.
· Glass Bottles.
· Food and Beverage Cans
· Paper
· Cardboard
· Plastic bottles
· Plastic packaging

The following conditions will continue to apply

· Black bag waste for disposal should have the bag tied securely and then placed into a second bag and tied before arrival at the CA Site.
· No commercial vehicles or trailers will be allowed access.
· Only one person per vehicle can enter the site.
· All customers must place the waste into the receptacles themselves. CA operatives will not be able to assist.
· Payment for black bag waste will be on a price of €4.00 per bag. Weighing will not be possible as it increases the handling required.
· Physical distancing of a minimum 2m must be observed by all customers.
· As the sites will not be accepting garden waste, timber and metal waste, bulky items, waste oils or paints etc, the normal €3.00 entry charge will be waived for the period of the current health protection measures being in place.
· Customers are requested to bring the exact payment for the waste that they are bringing to site.