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Coronavirus restrictions to remain in place for at least three more weeks, Taoiseach announces

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has announced that the current movement restrictions, put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19, will remain in place for at least another three weeks.

The restrictions were set to expire on Easter Sunday, but according to an Taoiseach, latest PublicHealth advice is to extend the lockdown for at least another three weeks, and the Government is to follow the advice.

The current restrictions will now remain in place until at least May 5.

“Today the expert recommendation is to extend them for a further three weeks until Tuesday, May 5,” Mr Varadkar said.

“The government has accepted this recommendation. I know many of us would like to know when things will go back to normal, and life will be as it was. We are working towards that time. And we’re planning carefully so that we get there safely.

“The truth is, nobody knows for certain when that will be our how our lives will be different when it comes. All we can do for now, is to take one day at a time to think of others and to choose hope and solidarity over self interest in fear your decisions will save lives.”

Under current restrictions, unnecessary journeys are prohibited. A distance of less than 2km must be observed, unless for necessary work, or shopping.

Exercise must also take place within 2km of people’s homes and a distance of 2m should be maintained with other members of the public.

An Taoiseach said that he understands the frustration felt by people being cooped up at home, but that it is imperative that Public Health guidelines are followed to ensure that the spread of Covid-19 is curtailed.

“I know that many people are feeling frustrated captive. And I know the fine weather makes it even harder. We all want to be outside. We want to be your friends and family. We want to see the mountains in the sea. We want to feel that we can go anywhere. We want to be free,” he said.

“And I know it is very difficult, but every sacrifice that we make is helping to save lives. It’s making sure that our health service is not overwhelmed. It’s making things a little easier for those working on the front line. And those backing them up, whether it’s support staff, administrators, or partners at home.

“Because the vast majority of people have heeded the advice of the experts, we’ve been able to interrupt the spread of the virus. We’ve been able to shelter, the most vulnerable and protect them. Your sacrifices are making a difference. We’ve slowed the spread of the virus considerably. But unfortunately we have not started spread.

“We all know people who are suffering and grieving at this time. Too many have died. And sadly more will die and get sick. Before this is over. So today’s message is that we cannot be complacent.

“And we cannot lose focus. What we’re doing is difficult, but is making a difference. And we have to keep going. We need to persevere. We need to maintain our discipline and resolve the restrictions we introduced two weeks ago were set to expire on Sunday. What may be an inconvenience for some will be life saving for others.”

From The Irish Independent.