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Cork County Council responds to concerns about crowded beaches

Cork County Council says public access to beaches, parks and other public spaces remains open.

The council issued the statement in response to concerns that large numbers of people flocked to beaches and parks at the weekend, with complaints that social distancing was not being adhered to.

Playgrounds will remain closed however.

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey said: “In response to the current situation and the need for social distancing, Cork County Council took the decision last Monday to close our playgrounds to the public.

“Many Cork County beaches and open spaces across are accessible from a variety of locations, with only some having publicly owned car-parks and many public parks are not in Council ownership or control thereby limiting access to these amenity areas challenging.

“In addition to this, it is important that any decision taken by Cork County Council on this matter is made in conjunction with other agencies who have responsibility.

“This issue remains under review. It of paramount importance to bear in mind that each citizen must take personal responsibility in their use of public spaces and adhere strictly to the guidance from the Health Service Executive on social distancing to help protect themselves and others.”

Mayor of the County of Cork Ian Doyle added: “We can undoubtedly save lives by slowing the spread of Covid-19 but it will take a massive effort from the entire community.

“Wanting to spend time outdoors is a natural response and it is good for our health as long as we behave responsibly and keep the health of everybody in mind.

“We can do this by avoiding contact with others, maintaining a distance of 2 metres and making the responsible choice to turn around and go somewhere else if a public space looks already busy.

“Remember we are all in this together and your choices right now will affect your family and your wider community”.

From EchoLive.