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Parish of Yougha Update on Coronavirus precautions

The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation is lifted for all.

The Bishop of Cloyne has cancelled all weekend Masses until the end of the month. This period may be extended depending on government guidance. In addition, to avoid gatherings of people who may be vulnerable to the virus, we will not be celebrating public daily Masses in the parish Churches, Hospital or Nursing homes during this period.

The priests of the parish will continue to celebrate Mass privately every day and we invite you to join us in spirit by uniting yourself, in the Morning Offering, with the sacrifice being offered, for the salvation of the world and, in particular, for God’s protection and care in this current crisis.

Churches will be open for private prayer during the day. The Adoration Chapel will remain closed. Prayer in the home can be enhanced at this time – the family Rosary and other prayers, which will be provided here, can be used.

Funeral Masses will be celebrated as required but restricted to one hundred persons at very most. In the interests of public health, please do not attend funerals unless invited by the family involved. It might be better to visit the bereaved a few weeks later when they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and support all the more.

Baptisms which have been scheduled will proceed, but we ask that only immediate family – parents, god-parents and siblings of the child to be baptised – be in attendance at the Church.

First Confession Ceremonies for Gaelscoil Choráin and South Abbey pupils may be rescheduled. All Parish related meetings are cancelled until the end of March.

The priest on duty will be available for sick calls.

It is only in the gravest circumstances that Masses are cancelled. This will help us to realise the importance of the Eucharist in our lives. We can revive the practice of spiritual communion as we unite ourselves, from our homes, with the sacrifice being offered.

The Mass will be broadcast as usual at 7.30 pm on Saturdays by Community Radio Youghal.

The priests of the parish of Youghal join you in prayer for a speedy passing of this dangerous virus. We look forward to resuming our normal parish services as soon as possible. We will pray daily for our parish community at Mass and look forward to your return.