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East Cork’s Luckiest Lotto Store Does It Again!

From The East Cork Journal.

A store in Youghal seems to have the luck of the draw when it comes to the National Lottery.

The small Convenience Store on Tallow Street is responsible for hundreds of thousands of Euro in the past eighteen years.

In the last year and a half alone the store has caused the national lottery to pay out €100,000 in prize money.

Lotto HQ in Dublin has revealed that McCarthy’s News Agent at the end of Cork Hill Youghal have sold two €50,000 all cash extravaganza scratch card winners in the past eighteen months.

The latest win has Proprietor, Liam McCarthy, wondering if the store is built at the end of a rainbow.

Since 1991 the shop has sold seven Winning Streak winners, five Jackpot winners, a full house on Telly Bingo and sold two €50,000 winners.

A local syndicate also won €2,000 Euro in Lotto Plus after purchasing their ticket in store over Christmas but, Liam says, “that’s small at this stage.”

The latest winning Scratch Card was purchased last month, but the identity of the winner is as yet unknown.

Liam says the win has the potential to be a game changer for the winning punter, describing the win as “phenomenal”

He said. “It could be somebody passing through, but we’re hoping it’s somebody local.  We don’t know who they are, but they are remaining anonymous”

A National Lottery spokesperson said, “As a long standing National Lottery retail agent, McCarthy’s store has certainly been a lucky Lottery charm for the people of Youghal throughout the years.”

Seven players who appeared on Winning Streak won over €295,000.

There were three Lotto jackpot wins. The first was £119,842 (Punts) in November 1991.

The second was £278,068 (Punts) in May 1993. Interestingly McCarty’s also sold a winning ticket for the €2.4 million jackpot in February 2006 but that night, there was a total of 10 jackpot winners, meaning that each ticket was worth €247,374.

On 7th August 2004, the store also sold a Lotto Plus 1 top prize win which was at the time €200,000.