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The Blackwater Valley Fit-Up Theatre Festival presents The Experience of Being

The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal.     Saturday February 1st 2020 at 8 pm.     Doors open 30 min. before the show starts.

Blood in the Alley Theatre Company in association with Cork County Council and The Arts Council presents:
The Blackwater Valley Fit-Up Theatre Festival 22nd Jan – 23rd Feb 2020.

Week two: The Experience of Being
presented by An Grianán Theatre

Written by: Carol Moore
Directed by: Patrick J O’Reilly
Performed by: Carol Moore, Kevin Lawless

How many times does it take for people not to see you before you start feeling invisible?  How many times before you believe it too?  On her 60th birthday Cathy should be celebrating but it rapidly goes downhill.  “In the shoe they didn’t see me.  They saw a warm cardigan and sensible shoes woman. An insignificant woman”.

Age is something that creeps up on us.  We generally don’t give it much thought, so it comes as a bit of a shock when we suddenly arrive at 60.  The play evolved both as a response to writer/actor reaching 60 and to address a lack of challenging, non- stereotypical theatre roles for my age-range.  I was coming face to face with a negative set of views around ageing and chose to address them creatively.  In Western society we view young as ‘good’ and age as ‘bad’; the cosmetic industry and the media, two driving forces. Dwindling power in all its forms of course is a major issue, but ageing needs to be ‘reframed’ as simply another stage of life that we can manage positively.  The Experience of Being is intended to encourage a winder debate about how we support and value an ageing population.  It’s an antedote, a reaction, a ‘howl’ against the stereotype of what an ‘older’ person is capable of doing physically, mentally and emotionally. Lets face it we are  all aging, so let’s prepare for it.

‘Carol Moore has written a terrific script, it rolls along, at times really funny.  The man in front of me was in stitches especially when Cathy goes along for a Brazilian waxing, very descriptive!  There is also the pathos of a women loosing confidence, feeling invisible and worthless.’
-Anne Hailes, Belfast Times

Tickets at the door
€15 per ticket, €13 concession
€40 Family ticket (2 Adults & 2 teens)
Age suitability; 16+
Running Time: 60 min, No interval