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Council Accused Of “Passing The Buck” On Dangerous Out Of Control Speed Trap

From The East Cork Journal.

An East Cork Cllr has accused Cork County Council of shirking its responsibility in protecting its citizens from speeding motorists, after officials claimed they have done all they can.

Cllr Michael Hegarty made an impassionate plea at the December Sitting of the East Cork Municipality for safety measures to be installed, to protect residents and pedestrians from speeding traffic in Ladysbridge Village.

Mr Hegarty said he was backing the residents call for better road safety in the village to curb speeding vehicles coming from the Garryvoe direction.

The Fine Gael Cllr told Council Executive that “urgent solutions” are required to prevent people from being killed or seriously hurt.

However, one of the County Senior Roads Engineers, Dave Clarke, told Mr Hegarty that the matter of speeding was one for An Garda Siochána.

He said the Local Authority has already carried out a number of footpath projects in the village and narrowed the road significantly coming into the cross, but Cllr Hegarty insisted more is needed.

The Fine Gael Cllr accused the Senior Engineer of “buck passing” stating “Gardaí have recommended some form of calming measures are required”

He said “speed is absolutely crazy entering Ladysbridge from the Garryvoe side.”

Mr Clarke, in response, said the Council is limited in their ability to provide additional safety features as it is restricted by the level of Government funding which it receives.

He said  “If it’s constant refrain, it’s up to the Roads Authority to slow people down, it’s up to drivers to slow down, and drivers who are not slowing down, it’s for an Garda Siochána to catch the speeders.”

In an effort to reach a compromise with Cllr Hegarty, the Senior Engineer added if the residents were amenable to paying half the cost in the supply of variable messaging signs, he would be willing to consider their installation.

The radar signs flash the speed of motorists while tracking the number and speed of vehicles travelling on the road.