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Youghal Barber Dad Cuts Son’s Hair for Rapunzel

From The East Cork Journal.

The past few months in the lives of the Bullard family Youghal have been difficult.   Dad, Matthew, who is a Barber, had a serious stroke in May and was told there was a possibility that he may never cut hair again.   Around the same time his 11 year son Memphis, who has always worn his hair long, made the decision which, for a young boy, was extremely generous – that he would have his long hair cut and donated to Rapunzel.  Memphis, however, wanted his Dad- and nobody else– to cut his hair!

There followed a period of recuperation and hope for the family and, last week, a proud and delighted Matthew stood behind his young son and cut his long hair in a 17” long ponytail.

On Tuesday last The East Cork Journal paid a visit to these two exception people, father and son.  Memphis, whose hair was his pride and joy and which he had been growing for four full years, said “he had been told about Rapunzel and wanted to donate his hair for children who are sick and have no hair, so that they can make lovely wigs for them”  Matthew told The East Cork Journal that when Memphis told him out of the blue what he wanted him to do, he asked him several times if he “was sure – because it will take another four years to grow!”   This incredible young boy was sure, and said “as soon as it came off I smiled”.

A 5th class student at Bunscoil Mhuire, Memphis has two teachers, Ms Shelly and Ms Hegarty, and said “when I walked into school everyone was in shock but they all loved it, and out in the yard they were all looking at me.  I don’t think some of them recognised me at all”.

“This was the first proper cut I have done since I got sick in May” Mathew said, “and I am so proud of my son”.  He went on to say that “cutting my son’s hair for Rapunzel and being able to do it for him, was like a “double whammy for me”!

Congratulations, Memphis and Mathew Bullard.   It might be a case of “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow” but some children, somewhere in Ireland, will proudly toss their heads to show off their new wigs, and walk taller and proud.

And your hair, Memphis, will live forever.