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October 7th to 13th 2019 is Road Safety Week

From The East Cork Journal.

As the dark evenings approach Cork County Council is encouraging road users to keep behaviour and attitudes around the roads in mind.

October 7th to 13th 2019 is Road Safety Week – In the run up to Road Safety Week Cork County Council has organised the RSA Educational Shuttle to visit Youghal on October 3rd & Kinsale on October the 5th next.  These are FREE Public Events and we are encouraging the Communities in both areas to go along and experience this interactive road safety education.  So what has the Education Shuttle inside it?
• Activity Zone – Quizzes  e.g   Meaning of road signs, safe or unsafe behaviour.
• Virtual Reality Zone – Experience cycling, driving a motor cycle & car simulator.
• Dangers covered include fatigue, breaking distances, phone use & safe cycling.

Also on site will be a Roll over Car Simulator.
Cork County Council provides a Road Safety Education Service to Primary & Secondary Schools in County Cork which includes interactive Virtual Reality.  This is also available to Community Groups & Clubs.  This education which started in Co. Cork has now gone to the whole Country.  To register for a free educational workshop or school visit email caroline.casey@corkcoco.ie

Let’s examine some road safety facts…
Driver Distraction:  (In every 4 crashes at least one is down to driver distraction)
Noisy / Unruly behaviour in the car leads to 3 second eyes off the road doing an average speed.  1 sec to turn around, 1 sec to correct behaviour & 1 sec to look forward again – in this time you will travel the width of a soccer pitch in distance.
Phone Use – A 2 second glance doubles your chance (of crashing).  You are 4 times more likely to crash if you are speaking on the phone.  You are 23 times more likely to crash if you are texting on the phone.


Cycling: Wearing of helmets reduces head injuries by almost 2/3 which is 64%.

Hi Hiz: You are 4 more times more likely to be seen if you are wearing  Hi Viz during the day.  Imagine how much more that figure will rise if you wear it at night.  Hi Viz are free online for everyone to order from The Road Safety Authority

Road Safety Tips:
Be Present when driving.
Be conscious of your behaviour and how it can impact on others around you and in your car e.g. your children or family members in the car.
Belt Up before your take off.
Your children are watching you – Model safe behaviour.
Be Safe Be Seen – Wear Hi Viz around the roads whether you are walking, cycling or driving a motor cycle.
Appropriate Sun Glasses for Glare from sun – Wet roads makes the sun glare even worse.
Supervise children at all times around the road.
Wear Cycle helmets at all times when cycling & use cycle lanes if available.
Do not use mobile phone while driving – texting or talking.
Speak to your children about safe behaviour in the car before you drive off.