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Maria Tanner Cohen presents ‘Ether and Verse’

The Mall Arts Centre, Youghal 12th July – 2019 Admission is FREE.

Visual artist Maria Tanner Cohen will present ‘Ether and Verse’ ,
a series of 8 large oil paintings that will be exhibited in the glass annex at Mall Arts Centre,

Ether and Verse is a body of work that was developed by the artist over a two year period.
The large scale of the paintings offers an encounter with an originating codice of geometric
forms. The proportional lines of the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and
icosahedron became a structure for the artist visual contemplations on the austerity,
intelligence and liminal beauty of the geometric form.

In their expression, the paintings are as gestural as they are hard edged and as
representational as they are conceptual. The visual juxtapositions within the work, conjure a
sense of the dimensionality of the geometric forms as they are both physical and ethereal in
nature. As the artist stated – ‘I was subservient to their mathematical dictates, when the
precise measures were drawn, I then played and experimented across the surface structure
of the forms, working with the substance of paint and the nuance of colour to release clues
as to their possible and powerful essences.’

Ether and Verse is presented as an alphabet where each geometric signature resonates in its
own visual autonomy, yet when seen within the context of the greater body of work, it
composes a Verse that speaks of mystical and hidden architecture intrinsic within the fabric
of nature itself.

Maria Tanner Cohen is an Irish artist, based in An Rinn Gaeltacht in Co. Waterford. The artist
received her honours degree in Fine Art from the Limerick School of Art in 2005; in 2010 she
undertook her postgraduate studies with an MA,Vis, at IADT, Dun Laoghaire. A highly
creative individual Maria has work extensively within the arts industry as a visual artist, art
writer and as an exhibitions curator. The artist has been a recipient of a number of
prestigious awards namely Project Award from the Irish Arts Council, Cork Co. Co, Arts
Office Arts Award as well as Youghal CU Community Development Fund, Art and Health
Award – HSE South, Vibrant Ireland funding and the Culture Ireland Travel Award. In the last
three years the artist has returned her full attention to her work as a painter, her most
recent exhibition was held in the Market House Arts Centre in Dungarvan in December
2018. Her paintings are held in both public and private collections, nationally and internationally.