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Ironman Traffic and Parking Information

As closures come into play, the best way on and off the N25 from town is via Clashadunna. (Top of bypass).

Mon to Friday before IRONMAN 
There will be NO traffic restrictions planned. Green Park and Claycastle Car Park will be building sites so these will be closed to the public. 
Beaches are open and unaffected – in fact there will be additional lifeguard cover provided for this period, starting Wednesday.

During the day we’ll begin to build the Finish Line on Lighthouse Hill so this will require the pedestrianisation of this area from Green Park to Claycastle via Front Strand. Traffic can still flow into town via Golf Links Rd, so in the town centre it’ll be business as usual but if traffic becomes too busy Gardai reserve the option to close town as the day goes by. Front Strand residents will be unaffected and the parking and shuttle bus service will be in place throughout.

Saturday Night
After close of business we ask that all cars are relocated to off-route alternative parking OR Tesco Car Park. Streets to be emptied by 9pm. This is to facilitate the deep-cleaning of the streets by CCC and for IRONMAN to drop our race kit in place for Sunday. If you live outside the route you are unaffected, (Housing estates etc).  Remember – The N25 is OPEN and totally unaffected by the event – it should be accessed via Clashadunna.

Closures come into place from early. On the bike route these come-in in sections, about 30 min before the first bike hits each section and will end once the last bike passes in the afternoon. Last bike out of Youghal is approx at 2pm and last back at 5pm. On the Run route (Claycastle to Foxhole) no traffic is allowed in or out (except in a blue-light emergency) from 6am to midnight on Sunday.

If you need to move on the course you can walk to/from anywhere at any time. Shuttle Buses will be running throughout the day from 3am to the early hours of Monday. These are FREE for residents and will visit the Car Park hub at Pobalscoil. (If you need to get in or out of town during the closures you are advised to put your car here and use the shuttles. All car parks are FREE to residents and covered by security throughout.

We’ll cover more specifics in more detail in the coming days and weeks. 
Details of Religeous Services and other information also following.

A phone helpline has been established if you need any 1-2-1 assistance with plans for travelling during the event, 085 111 2031.

This number will be active in Race Control on race day but remember that in any emergency you should simply call 112/999 as usual.