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European Parliament Election Preliminary Results

Preliminary European Parliament results indicate that the rise of populism and the far right across Europe has not materialised but The Green Wave has swept across Europe.

The UK, as expected, is bucking this trend with the European Parliament Election seen as solely a Brexit issue. The Liberal Democrats are doing well on the Remain side and the newly formed Brexit Party doing well on the Leave side

The Sinn Fein vote in Europe has collapsed, as it has nationally.

The only figures availalable so far are for the Dublin Constituency where it appears the 4 seats will be allocated as folows:

CLARE DALY (I4C) (Independents 4 Change) – Sitting TD

Clare Daly, if elected, cannot take her seat until the UK leaves the EU.

The lack of support for populism, euro skepticism and the far right across Europe, and the rise of the Greens has completely changed the makeup of the new EU Commission President, who is elected by the European Parliament.

It was expected that this position would be held by someone on the far right. Centrism has returned to European politics, leaving the UK behind and on its own.