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Elections 2019

Counting has begun in the local elections

Counting is underway nationwide in the 2019 local elections.

Based on tallies, Cllr. Mary Linehan Foley has topped the poll in the Midleton Area Municipal District, more than doubling her first preference votes since her last outing 5 years ago. She will be elected on the first count, as will Cllr. Noel Collins and Cllr. Michael Hegarty.


Mary Linehan Foley (Ind). 2,826
Noel Collins (Ind). 2,375
Michael Hegarty (FG). 2,234
James O’Connor (FF). 1,577
Danielle Twomey (SF). 1,558
Susan McCarthy (FG). 1,199
Rosarii Griffin (FF). 1,054
Liam Quaide (GP). 1,040
John Phillips (FG). 505
Eric Nolan (Lab). 484
Shane Neville (SF). 324
Martin Murray (Ind). 256

Counting in the EU Parliemantary election will begin on Sunday morning.

The result of the Divorce Referendum should be announced late tonight but based on the RTE/TG4 Exit Poll, the result is a forgone conclusion with 77% voting in favour of the 38th Amendment to The Constitution.

The big story of the day nationally is the re-emergence of The Green Party. They are expected to pick up council seats all over the country and take two, possibly three EU Parliament seats.